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Mh Specialties LLC is a full service Marketing Company with over 27 years of experience in the Advertising Specialty Industry. We pride ourselves thinking outside the box – creatively and competitively demonstrating to our customers our ability to present unique and innovative promotional products on their behalf. Our company is a strategic resource for all types of merchandise-based incentive and recognition programs including but not limited to, web based employee recognition, service awards, employee performance and sales incentive programs.


We acquired our National Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification in July 2015 and we are an active member of the Women Business Development Council of Florida. We successfully met all the WBENC’s standards as a Women’s Business Enterprise. This certifications allows our company to attend all local and national events sponsored by WBENC as well as participate in all special training and networking seminars.


Your brand stands for everything. It’s more than just your product or your corporate identity. It’s a promise you have made to your customers. You need a marketing partner that keeps this promise.


MHS creates promotional marketing campaigns built around your brand promise. We deliver valuable brand impressions that build tangible connections with your market, for measurable results. We uphold your corporate branding guidelines and we deliver an exceptional experience for your customers, every time.


Choose promotional products that fit your brand. Ask us, What is New and Exciting, and we will have an answer. There are many NEW revolutionary trends in the Promotional Products Industry for 2016. Some of the top-performing “Smart Technology” in apparel is Performance moisture-wicking fabrics found in 100% polyester polo shirts and tee shirts. Performance fabrics are king – anything with polyester content provides more comfort, a safe-guard against stains, and possesses water-resistant and wrinkle-resistant properties. Performance moisture–management technology in thermal Outerwear and Workwear react to body temperature using breathable fabrics to keep the body cool or a thin thermal layer of foil coating laminated to the inside of the fabric to keep the body warm in extreme low temperatures.


In headwear we have the classic baseball caps available in performance fabrics. However the most exciting news in creative headwear are performance skull caps and instant cooling Do-Rags. Do-Rags made by ChillSkinz are an amazing product. It requires no refrigeration. Just wet the fabric, wave it and the breathable fabric starts cooling 17-22 degrees below the outside temperature.


Wireless Tech Gadgets for all mobile devices take a commanding lead in the market such as wireless Selfie Sticks. Take selfies and self portraits with your Smartphone or compact camera. Bluetooth speakers and portable power chargers are among the hottest items. New RFID blocking iPhone Wallets with added security and radio-frequency blocking will keep your credit card information safe from hackers and identity thieves. Custom shape USB flash drives are extremely important in all markets.